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Why Partner with World of OT??

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There are numerous occupational therapists who you could work with, but I think you’ll find we are different in our methodology. As a parent, I understand the value and necessity of “family time”. Our days are long and filled with to do’s and deadlines. It’s important that we set aside time for our family members – whether at home or at the mall—it’s our time together. Right? With this understanding in mind, my goal is not to interrupt your family life, but rather to integrate therapy strategies into your normal routines.This family centered approach is what makes my practice unique and effective. For better carryover of skills, I am a firm believer that a child’s learning and development are best achieved in their natural environments—at home, school and in the community.
My ultimate goal and mission is to make the most powerful impact in enabling your child to master skills that are important for their on-going development, growth and independence.



OT Evaluation and Report

The evaluation looks into gathering relevant information to get a holistic idea of the child; his strengths, weakness, areas of need and his/her occupational profile. Evaluation methods used include but are not limited to questionnaires, checklists, clinical observations, and standardized and non-standardized assessments. The evaluation may be spread over multiple sessions depending on the need and may take place in the child’s natural environment—the home, school and may also include a visit to a local park. At the end of the evaluation, a detailed report will be provided which will include findings from the assessments and recommendations as necessary.

Direct OT Services

Treatment depends on the child’s areas of needs identified through the evaluation process. OT treatment sessions provide the child with the “just right challenge” through play-based interventions to target underlying skill deficits which include but are not limited to: developmental delays, fine motor skill, difficulties with coordination, motor control, visual motor skills, sensory processing skills, reflex integration, handwriting difficulties, social skills, emotional regulation and behavioral issues. Occupational therapy services emphasize on function and independence in occupations; which for children happen to be play, education and age appropriate self-care activities. In order to enable the child to reach his/her highest individual potential, OT goals are attained by re mediating, adapting and/or compensating for skills.

Consultation Services

Consultation services can be in person or over the phone, in the home or school setting. Consultation services can address questions from the parents, teachers or other team members. They can also be used to brainstorm ideas and implement strategies to enable the child’s maximum participation, skill acquisition and mastery and developmental progression throughout settings. Consultation services are also educational tools to help family members recognize the child’s needs, provide recommendations on appropriate placements, help setting up structure and tools for successful participation in varied environments and most importantly advocate for the child’s needs. Consultation services are important for team collaboration, carry over and consistency throughout the different settings the child engages in.

*World of OT does not currently accept health insurance.