About - World of OT
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World of OT provides Pediatric Occupational Therapy services to the
San Francisco area and beyond!

Our Practice

We are a community-based Pediatric Occupational Therapy practice. This means we treat children in their natural environments-homes, schools, and local parks. We want to go where your child is playing, living, and facing challenges. We view ourselves as a partner to your family with the shared mission of helping your child reach their highest potential. We emphasize upfront communication and ongoing follow-up.


In addition to our pediatric practice, our expertise allows us to provide training and mentorship to occupational therapists new to school setting. We also provide consultation services to schools and organizations to develop comprehensive plans with follow-up to support social and educational engagement for children with more complex needs.


Meeting in-person isn’t an option? No problem. We are able to provide services and consultations to children, teachers, and other occupational therapists outside of San Francisco using our telehealth program.

It’s an approach to pediatric therapy we want to share with you!
Our ultimate goal and mission are to provide high impact services that equip and empower children, parents, teachers, and OTs.

How can World of OT help your child?

Pediatric occupational therapy (OT) helps children and families thrive by addressing your child’s physical, social, psychological, and environmental well-being. We improve quality of life for a wide range of childhood problems including developmental delays and cognitive, sensory or physical disabilities.


Our work is designed to make children feel good – both physically and emotionally. With occupational therapy, you will see your child improve specific skills but also grow in self-esteem as they experience a sense of accomplishment.


Just a few ways pediatric occupational therapy can help your child:

  • Refining fine motor skills: Coordination of the small muscles of hand to be able to grasp and release toys, use zippers or buttons, or improve handwriting.
  • Learning basic daily self-care: Your child will be proud of their newfound independence with dressing, bathing, feeding, and toileting.
  • Improving gross motor skills: These are the big movements – coordination and balance make a difference for using stairs and playing with friends. 
  • Building muscle strength: Improve your child’s physicality, correct their posture, and increase their body awareness.
  • Improving hand-eye coordination: In sports, play, and school  – for copying the blackboard, catching a ball, or riding a bike.
  • Attention: Increasing attention span, ability to focus, and engagement
  • Refining visual processing skills: Which relates to letter recognition, reading, and making eye contact.
  • Positive Coping Strategies: Learn strategies like breathing, yoga, or sensory intervention to deal with negative behaviors such as violence or self-harm.
  • Educational Support: Addressing learning challenges to increase productivity at school
  • Social functioning: Improving social skills, language skills, and ability to engage with others
  • Specialized device recommendations: Receive a comprehensive assessment to determine recommendations for equipment including wheelchairs, splints, daily living aids, and communication devices.
  • Feeding interventions: Improve your child’s nutrition whether the problem is a picky eating or has difficulty learning the skills of feeding.