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School Partnerships

Consultation Services

Are you a teacher or parent concerned about meeting the needs of a student so they can best participate in educational activities? A consultation can help you identify useful skills or strategies.


Available over the phone, via telehealth or in person in your home, or at school within the San Francisco area. A consultation typically includes some time for observation, discussing concerns, and asking questions. Following the consult, you will receive a written report with practical suggestions.


Consultation services can address questions from the parents, teachers, or other team members. It’s a great tool for brainstorming ideas or talking through the implementation of new strategies to support your child.


Common goals of a consult:

    • Help you recognize your child’s unique needs
    • Provide recommendations for appropriate services or school environments
    • Suggest routines and practical tools
    • Empower advocacy for the child’s needs
    • Determine if pediatric OT services are needed
    • Training/home programs


You don’t need to figure out how to meet a child’s need alone. We are here to problem solve and find solutions so every child can thrive at home and in school.


Email us your consultation needs and we can work together to figure best next steps!

Educational Seminars

Get actionable knowledge with educational seminars for teachers and staff. You can pick a topic related to pediatric occupational therapy based on your particular needs and interests.


Topics in the past have included:

    • Supporting attention and focus
    • Emotional and sensory regulation
    • Promoting fine motor development and handwriting
    • Sensory solutions for the classroom


Participants in the course gain skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately. Each course focuses on in-depth knowledge of the topic, understanding developmental progression, and how to apply the concepts with students.


Learning is made actionable through case studies and practical tools and strategies. Your staff will be given time to discuss challenges they are facing with students and brainstorm reasons behind what they are seeing and ways to support the student.


Request a seminar by sending us an Email