World of OT | Pediatric Therapy
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Community Based OT Services

Direct OT Services

Our primary focus is directly providing pediatric occupational therapy services to children in San Francisco. Direct OT starts with an evaluation and works towards goals through treatment sessions.


Pediatric Occupational Therapy Evaluation
The evaluation provides the foundation for understanding your child and family. We take the time with a holistic view – looking at strengths, weaknesses, environment, and the activities they need and want to do.


Children have different needs or challenges in different environments. For this reason, our comprehensive assessment and treatment plans look at their ability to function at home, school, and maybe even a local park.


At the end of the evaluation, you receive a detailed report outlining the findings from the assessments and recommendations for next steps. We go over the report in person, giving you the chance to ask questions and receive coaching on strategies or suggestions for home.


Pediatric OT Treatment
After getting to know your child in the initial evaluation, it’s time to work towards mutually selected goals.


OT treatment sessions provide your child with the opportunity to build skills through the “just right challenge.” OT treatment is fun! Play-based interventions are a great way to target challenging skills.


And it’s not always about developing a new skill. There are many ways to help your child function better. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding a new way to complete the task or activity.

Why Partner with World of OT??

Playing with toys
Happy girl
Kids playing

We’re not looking to just add another thing to your schedule. We find ways to bring the benefit of OT
to your family’s specific needs and routines.


We understand the value and necessity of quality family time. Our days are hectic – filled with to-dos and deadlines. But the foundation of a healthy family will always be quality time together – doing chores, playing board games, or simple adventures in the park.


With this understanding in mind, we aren’t looking to interrupt your family life, but rather to integrate therapy strategies into your normal routines. We use effective strategies to address problems impacting your child’s ability to participate in daily activities at home and school, making sure to incorporate your unique goals and priorities for your child.


We not only serve children directly but share our effective approach with families and professionals working with children.

*World of OT does not currently accept health insurance. Our services are available in person in the San Francisco area and by telehealth within California

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