World of OT - Holistic and Collaborative OT Services
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World of OT Elevates the Delivery of Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Are you looking for creative solutions to enable your child to live their best life?

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Not every child thinks the same. Or behaves the same. Or has the same combination of struggles and strengths. And, not every family has the same needs or goals.


And that is ok, every child should have their unique own strengths and gifts celebrated.


Looking at the whole child – their strengths, challenges, and team around them is what makes holistic-based pediatric occupational therapy work. And in the end, every parent wants good things for their child. Strives to give their child the tools and support to flourish.


Our holistic perspective takes into account a child’s whole world by supporting everyone in the team. Starting with the moms of infants concerned about development and yearning for community. Taking into account the expanding circles of support as children grow up including consulting with teachers, providing educational resources, and sharing knowledge with fellow pediatric OT’s.


Whether you are observing difficulty at home or school (or both), World of OT is here to help!


We provide:

    • Services in your child’s natural environment (home, school, park).
    • Coaching and practical strategies to empower parents and involve throughout the process.
    • A collaborative approach to your child’s goals and interventions.
    • A holistic strategy that looks beyond just problems to find solutions.
    • We incorporate your child’s strengths, unique characteristics, and interests into their therapy plan to maximize function.
    • Play-based therapy – because that’s how children learn best!
    • The perfect balance of therapy and support. This means individualized treatment plans with follow up when necessary. We never continue therapy when it’s no longer needed or not the right answer.


Since 2012, World of OT has been partnering with Bay Area schools, clinics, and parents to uplift and empower those who need a little extra support.


The love for all children and belief in their potential provides the soul behind our practice. Therefore, direct care in the child’s natural environment remains the cornerstone of our practice.


No matter if you’re a family or a professional, we’re delighted to partner together –  there is no greater joy than making a difference for a child. More than just pediatric occupational therapy sessions, you’ll find we offer an approach to working with children and families that positively influences daily life.


It’s an approach to pediatric therapy we want to share with you!

Ready to help your child soar?


With our comprehensive occupational therapy evaluations and treatment, you get one-on-one support to improve daily function and work towards goals that matter to your family and educational team. Keep reading here.

We partner with schools, preschools, and organizations who are looking for OT insights and support. Set your students and staff up for success with screenings, in-service trainings, consultations and so much more. Learn more

Are you a newer school based OT, looking to hit the ground running with confidence rather than overwhelm? We would love to support you! Transform your journey