World of OT | Collaborative.Play-based.Occupational the child's Natural Environment
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World of OT is here to help!

Are you looking for creative solutions to improve your child’s independence and enable them to live their BEST life? World of OT is here to help!


World of OT is a family-centered Occupational Therapy practice. I partner with parents just like you to support your child’s development and recovery and provide on-going support for as long as you need me. I am your partner in progress! World of OT has been partnering with Bay Area schools, clinics, parents and of course, the little ones whom I love to engage and support, since 2012. I absolutely love what I do and nothing gives me greater joy than knowing I made a difference in helping a child live life to the fullest. The children I serve are those who learn differently, have special needs, or need extra time to develop and master skills. My goal is to partner with your child to help them achieve their greatest level of independence, but my role is not limited to teaching your child skills. It will also include educating and coaching you, teachers, and any other instrumental adults on tips and tricks for interaction, engagement and activities with your child. I believe that my weekly sessions alone can make a difference, but for the greatest impact, I’ll need your involvement and support.

So, are you ready to partner with me to help your child soar?


The evaluation looks into gathering relevant information to get a holistic idea of the child; his strengths Read more

Treatment depends on the child’s areas of needs identified through the evaluation process. OT treatment Read more

Consultation services can be in person or over the phone, in the home or school setting. Consultation Read more